Our History

exterior1We weren’t always Minnesota’s largest volume liquor retailer. And we weren’t always called Chicago-Lake Liquors. In fact, when we originally opened our doors for business they swung toward Franklin. Thus, the ultra intuitive brand name Chicago-Franklin Liquors. The first 13 years of business were good. (Okay, really good.) Strapped for space, we moved south about nine blocks to our present home on East Lake Street — a savvy business move, as we acquired over twice the capacity while only having to change half our name.

We’ve made a name for ourselves by doing one thing and doing it very well: we buy a lot of product, stack it high and watch it fly! We buy in large quantities–getting the best deals we can–and we pass the savings along to you. We get shoppers from all over the state, but we have never strayed from who we are: a neighborhood destination liquor store with great services and everyday low prices, featuring a big-ass parking lot! No haggling. No waiting for sales. Just great prices, every single day!