Staff Picks

Doug’s Picks

Jim Beam Double Oaked

Traditional Jim Beam White Label aged a second time in a new charred oak barrel. The first taste hints at oak and white pepper, soon after, bunches of vanilla take over to tame the pepper followed by lingering fruity, oaky goodness. 86 Proof

Salignac Cognac

A surprisingly smooth cognac for its age. On the nose, loads of caramel and vanilla lead into soft notes of oak bright fruit on the palate. The finish is clean and pleasing with a lingering fruitiness. Sip neat or mix with ginger ale.

Rare Purple Red Blend

This deeply colored, dark red wine is full bodied with supple black currant and black pepper flavors, followed by gentle oak spice and lingering finish. Enjoy with seasoned meats, rich pasta and dark chocolate.