Staff Picks

Doug’s Picks

Crooked Water Sundog Gin

Sundog is a bright, citrus forward,American style Gin. Hand crafted with fresh grapefruit,

orange and other ambrosial botanicals. Sundog delivers a refreshing and unique Gin experience. Distilled by hand in

small batches, this is an exceptional sipping Gin that also lends itself to cocktails.  Fantastic in tonic with a fresh orange wedge.

Bushmills Red Bush

Red Bush is an exceptionally smooth whiskey from Ireland’s oldest distillery. Triple-distilled and matured to perfection in bourbon casks, Red Bush is a well-rounded whiskey that is as versatile as it is balanced. For those seeking the smoothest of whiskies, Red Bush is perfect served straight up or your favorite mixer.

Tattersall Orange Crema

Sophisticated, fun and completely approachable. Distilled with three types of orange peels, Tattersall Orange

Crema is bigger and brighter than your typical orange liqueur. Try it in place of triple sec or Curaçao for more citrus kick.

Orange Crema Liqueur.  40% ABV